“To know Christ personally and to make him better known.”

For Parents

Parenting Course

Coming up on Thursday evenings 7:45-9:15 from 28th September - 16th November (excluding 19th and 26th October) at St Luke's, Cliff Lane - a short course on parenting children offering practical tools to help in bringing up and supporting children. The course is based on NewWine's Parenting Children course and is aimed at anyone who wants a chance to reflect on important topics around raising children. Topics include: a vision for the family; communicating love; who is influencing my children; family values; guiding, shaping and boundaries; modelling love and respect. £5 for 6 sessions. For more details contact: Tom Rout 01473 727774.

Specially for kids Kids' Rock

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example for the believers.”
1 Timothy 4:12 ♬

This page is for children and young people, as well as their parents. (the rest of you... are just jealous!)

Kids, we want you to feel as much a part of the church as anyone else! Just because you’re younger (and probably smaller) than the rest of us doesn’t mean you count any less. In fact, you’ve probably got a lot you can teach us. If you trust Jesus and want to follow him, if you want to meet with others to learn from the Bible, then you’re filled with his Holy Spirit as much as the adults. Sure, life isn’t always easy and you’ve got issues you need God’s help with, but hey, so have the older folks! The important thing is that you know Jesus has the answers and you’re looking to him to help.

To help you develop and grow as a follower of Jesus, we’ve got something that’s aimed specially at you.
Kids’ Rock is our weekly group for kids at primary school.

It meets every Wednesday during term time at St Luke’s Church hall, which is on Cliff Lane, opposite the primary school. We start at 4pm and finish by eating tea together at 5. We encourage your parent / carer to stay for the hour, to see what we do and maybe even take part (if they’re brave enough).

In the hour from 4-5 you can expect:

And just because you go to Kids’ Rock, doesn’t mean you can’t come to the benefice prayer night, or that you shouldn’t read the Bible book of the month. You can do that stuff too, if you want. You’ll always be very welcome at anything we’ve got going on!


Grapevine meets in St Luke’s hall every Wednesday morning 10-11:30 during school term times and is for babies and toddlers to enjoy with their parents or carers. There are toys for the children as well as a story and a song, which we enjoy after a drink and a snack. Tea and coffee are served to parents and carers. Cost £1 per session. We look forward to welcoming you! For more info contact Di Gardiner 01473 723450.

Trinity Baby and Toddler Group

Trinity Baby and Toddler Group meets in the hall behind Holy Trinity church every Tuesday 10-12 during school term times and is for babies and toddlers and their parents / carers. There are toys for the children and we sometimes have a story as well as a drink and a snack. There's tea and coffee for parents and carers. Cost £1 per family. We look forward to welcoming you!