“To know Christ personally and to make him better known.”

Bible Book of the Month

Read it through the month, meet with others to discuss at the end of the month (week 4).

This is possibly the most exciting thing we’re doing in the 3 Waterfront churches. Every month we’re going to take a book of the Bible - and read it! It might be Genesis or Revelation, John or Jeremiah, Proverbs or 1 Peter. Whatever book it is, long or short, old testament or new, we encourage you to read it (or as much of it as you can) at your own speed... with a view to meeting in the last week of the month to discuss it.

Many people find reading the Bible difficult, some dip in and out, and quite a few give up on reading it altogether. By having a Bible Book of the Month, we’re helping each other to keep reading the Bible, become familiar with it, and learn from it as we go.

The idea is to read the same book as everyone else (or you can listen to it on CD or online if you prefer). As you read, there are questions to help focus your reading (see below). At the end of the month we hold an evening meeting to share what we have learnt.

November’s book of the Bible is: Psalms 1-33

The questions to think about as you read it are:

Check the calendar for the date and venue of our next Bible Book of the Month meeting.